Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dan Perez Report for February 2017

Greetings from Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine.
I visited Marika, Luba’s daughter, at the maternity hospital to see how she was doing and to see the newest member of their family, little Evelyn. I think I was the first after her husband to see the baby. I brought some things I thought she would need.
After I left Marika I went to visit her mother Luba at another hospital. Luba was not feeling well and the ambulance came and took her to the hospital, there she stayed for more than a week and needed help with getting the necessary drugs, I was thankful that I could help!  (Not sure of her problem) 
The head nurse at the maternity hospital, who we have known for years, asked if I could buy a desk for her office. She shared how all of the workers received a raise in their salary and expressed how disappointed she was with what she got. She continue to say how she and other employees have to put some of their own money to get some things for the hospital such as a desk,or else they can get a fine from the government, this is not right but I could see they have no choice.
I did end up getting a desk for her and assembled it in her office. I also brought a couple of boxes of clothes for the staff and a box of bed sheets for the hospital beds which are desperately needed here and in most of the places we visit, she was thankful for the help!
 I went to the village a few times where Hallia,  whereYaroslav's wife is staying. Yaroslav is in fellowship in the Lviv assembly. She is not but was staying in the village, to take care of her mother, but her mother died some time ago and now Halia’s health has failed. One of the last times I went to visit her I was asked if I could pick her up and take her to the hospital. Her village is about  two hours from Ivano and though some of the roads condition have improve there are still a lot of bad areas on the way. They wanted me to bring her to town for a doctor's appointment . I went up with their son and though he speaks little English we still communicated well. On the way back Hallia was having a hard time breathing plus we were running late for her appointment so I tried to go as fast as I could to get to her appointment in one piece! We just made it on time to the appointment and later I was told that the doctor said she had suffered a minor heart attack and if she had not made it to the hospital she could have died, Needless to say the family was very thankful for the help. Here too there were needs for financial help, so was able to help some but much more is needed for surgery.
I visited one orphanage called a children's shelter that is in town. It is not a big place but they are trying to improve their facility to better accommodate the children's needs. I wanted to visit them earlier but they were busy with the opening of their new psychology department. The mayor was there and other political people as well as religious leaders and much media. I visited a week later and the director was happy to show me their new department. One of the latest methods coming from Europe is to treat children with light therapy. The room has various lights with different colors and shapes. Children with emotional difficulties would go in for a time with a psychiatrist and work on whatever the issue of the child might be, by using these lights. It felt comfortable in the room and I asked if I could come to be treated but he only smiled!                                                                  
I did speak briefly to the children and they listened well and received a calendar, bible text and gospel tract and whoever wanted new testaments received one. I also brought some boxes of clothes and shoes. The director wanted to take some photos to put on their Face book page.
I visited one new school in a small village about 30 minutes from town. They were very attentive and looked very happy to see a different face in their school. I first met with the director of the school. He wanted to meet me and I can see he was a little nervous when he said he wanted to ask me some questions. He asked various questions like why do I want to speak to the students, what will be the purpose, what "confession" do I represent and so on. He apologised for asking these questions but said he is responsible for what goes on at the school. I told him I understood fully and  I was not offended at all.
I had planned to speak to one group of students, but there were other teachers as well as the vice principal in the room. When I was done the  English teacher ask if I can speak to another group. I told her I did not have too much time, she was so eager that she started to bring in the next group of students. Though I had an important meeting in town I could not pass this opportunity up and gladly spoke to these students too!  As I was leaving the director gave me a very warm thank you and said that the teacher and the vice principal had very good things to say and the students liked it very much. I was somewhat surprised because God's plan of salvation I thought came out very clear and I was still welcome back, Praise God!! Here too they received calendars, bible texts, new testaments and some sweets and boxes of clothing.
There has been a surprising development for me, I have received my residence that will allow me to stay in Ukraine. This means that I can come and go in and out of the country as I wish without the 90 days restriction. There were a lot of red tape and a lot of wrong information and a lot of barriers along the way that seemed to be making it impossible! I had very little to do with this because I saw the impossibilities, it was one of those things where it went up to the last day, the last hour, the last minutes before closing that I was approved, something that I see only God could do!!
I had my bags packed for the next day I had to leave Ukraine, and was planning to go to another country. Now that I have no time limit I could still go for a few weeks if needed and would still be able to continue with the work here. Not sure how God will orchestrate things but He has made the impossible possible!
Eric and Margie and Heather will be coming to Ukraine for the month of April, pray for their safety and God's blessing while here!
Please continue to pray for each gospel meetings both in the rented room and in the apartment, for the schools and orphanages and villages we visit that they will receive God's word, for the many who we know that are sick and need much help!   Please pray for me also that I would be faithful to His word and for physical and spiritual health and strength!!
Thank You all very much for your needed prayers!!

In Christ our Lord!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dan Perez's Report for Dec 2016.

Dan Perez's report.

 During the month of December Edmund and Rulsan came from Lviv to Ivano for two Tuesdays for the meeting both Edmund and I took part. Before the meeting we met for a meal with a few others from the meeting.
In both these meetings there were a good number out and some new people, this is not always the case so it was good to see.  One of these new people was one young woman that I had invited out before but this was the first time she had come, she came with her mother. She can speak good English but is busy with work, her mother wants to learn English so she was interested in coming. I do hope that God will use His word to speak to their hearts and to all that come to these meetings!
I received a call by one of the ladies that come to the meetings about a relative of hers that needed some help, it ended up taking all day. He is an older man and has a home but his brother kicked him out for no good reason, so he has been living in the street for I think a few years.
He really needed to go to the hospital because he has been bleeding from one of his legs and it was very swollen. The hospital was one were you have to pay but  they would not take him because he smelled so very bad. When I picked him up I had to put a plastic cover over the seat sto protect it!  We look him to the sauna and asked if he could use the shower, they said he could. When he was done I bought some cheap shoes and got some clothes for him from the boxes.
I paid the lady for the shower and bought her some chocolate for allowing this man to use the shower, she did a nice thing! I did have time to talk with him about the gospel and he had some questions and listened very well.  We finally made it back to the hospital and will be there for some time, he was very thankful  for the help he received!
Another lady called me asking if I can take her friend to the doctors, she had surgery on her foot so I said I would. Heather from Wisconsin was still here and decided  to go with her to help her walk and keep her company while waiting for the Doctor. The hospital conditions are not very good and the wait could be very long plus this women speaks very little English, for Heather to want to do this was very nice and brave of her, do hope God will use that time for His glory!
Once again another lady called and invited me to a school we have visited many time which is in the village. I had two invitations to see some of the traditional holiday plays that the school was to have. The students do very well with remembering  their lines and poems. The first visit I had to cancel because the van was being repaired in the shop. The teacher was very disappointed that I could not make it and said I should try to come. She said I should really try to make it.  So the interpreter and I took the bus to the school in that village. I was able to speak to two classes before the play; they listened well and seemed to enjoy that time. There were no teachers in these classrooms so we (the interpreter and I) were like their teachers and they seemed to have preferred us over their regular teachers.
There was a priest there on both visits and we and some of the teachers had lunch together and had a good talk. We started talking about teachings of the Bible that were wrong, I had to be careful about what I said, so I focused of how some of the things other religions do is not necessarily bad but they are still in their sins and for some, Jesus sacrifice is not enough which then leaves them  still in their sins. Some did agree and the priest listened very carefully. This priest was very nice and friendly, and he was the one that drove us back to Ivano. He asked me what is the focus of our group, what teaching? I told him Salvation,  people need to know their sins can be forgiven through faith in the finished work of Christ. He liked it and said that it was very good. This was the first time a priest said to me" it was my pleasure to meet you"  and he also asked if I can pray for him and his family, he has 5 children.
The Van needed some repairs; there was a strong smell of gas that was coming through the vents. You really do not know how dependent you are on these vehicles until something goes wrong. So far all seems to have been repaired and working fine, Praise God!!
At the end of the year I bought food packages for some of those that come to the meetings, some do not come very often but they still have children. The food package would help them through the holidays so they can have a New Year's dinner. It also open doors to get to know some better and brings  Christ's Salvation message to their home! Do pray it can be used for His glory!

In Christ our Lord! 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Report from Lutsk Ukraine.

Timothy Sloan reporting from Lutsk, Ukraine.

Fanny Crosby, one of the greatest hymn writers of all time wrote “To God be the glory great things He has done”. Publish in 1875 it is recognized as a wonderful hymn of praise and adoration of God. Here in Lutsk, Ukraine as we look back over 2016 we can utter the same words as we recall a year of blessing in salvation, believers baptized and added to the assembly, a Sunday School with 80 children and an assembly united and active in the Lords work. You might well ask “How is it done?” 1. God has blessed us and we appreciate His presence and blessings, 2. Consistent and persistent hard work in our locality and 3. YOU – your prayers are really valued.

Answers to prayer

1. Two saved recently

2. 5 who recently got saved were baptized,

3. 4 received into fellowship in Lutsk and 1 in L’viv. Dima, was saved in Lutsk on 12th July 2015. He lives and works in Ivano Frankvisk (2 hours’ drive south of L’viv) and was baptized there by brother Eric Fowler. There is no assembly in Ivano Frankvisk as yet so he has been temporally received into the L’viv assembly. Do continue to pray for the work of the Lord in Ivano Frankvisk.

4. Sunday school in Lutsk with over 80 boys and girls,

5. UCC – Ukraine Child Care teaching the scriptures to 100 children every day at the Gospel Hall,

6. We opened a Christian Book shop in the basement of the hall. It is opened 6 days a week from 09.00 to 19:00. We sell all our literature below cost and it is amazing how many poor believers from different churches come and ask if they could distribute some literature in their villages. We never turn anyone away empty handed.

7. Since January we have printed and paid for 60,000 Gospel tracts, 50,000 “Who we are and what we believe” and 50,000 Safety Certainty & Enjoyment. We have bought 10,000 Woven Bags with John 3:16 in Ukrainian on both sides, 10,000 Bibles and New Testaments and received 33,000 Calendars for 2017,

8. All 33,000 calendars have been given out. We know that God has promised to bless His word.

Please pray for

1. The 10,000 woven carrier bags we bought from China in 2016 have been so well received on the streets of Lutsk that we plan to buy a further 10,000 bags with a different verse for 2017.

2. We plan God willing 2 conferences in 2017. Our new Easter Conference commences Friday April 14th to Monday 17th and our 14th summer conference commences Saturday 8th July to Lords Day 16th. The speaker expected is brother Ryan Coleman (Hatboro Gospel Hall) Pennsylvania, USA).

3. The Norwegian owner of the orphanage building in Lutsk which we long to buy contacted me yesterday 12/12/2016 and has asked me to put in a serious bid for the building before New Year. We will do this even though we do not have the funds believing that if God wants us to have it He will provide. We appreciate your prayers.

Rhoda and I are excited as we look forward to 2017 God willing. We have 5 teenagers and a number of unsaved who faithfully attend Gospel meetings. Pray for their salvation. We value your prayers and trust that the Lord will richly bless you.

Yours in Christ, Timothy & Rhoda Sloan

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dan Perez's Report for Nov 2016

Editors note.
An explanation may be in order regarding Dan going to some other European countries. A visitor can only stay 3 months at a time in Ukraine. They must then leave for 3 months before returning. Dan chooses to go and help some assemblies in these other countries for 3 months rather than return to his native USA. These small assemblies really enjoy and appreciate his time with them.
Moldova/Ukraine, 11/2016
     While in Moldova I had the chance to visit a boy’s College dormitory. These are boys in their late teens that are taking a trade like oil drilling, electrician or some kind of construction. The first visit was very difficult, there were about 15 or 20 of them there, two of them spoke Russian and as I was speaking they were just talking over me. It came to the point where I asked the interpreter whether I should continue;  so he then took over in Romanian, the language most of them there understood and I just stepped away.
We both felt very strongly the arrows of our adversary seeking to stop that which was planned to give glory to Christ our Lord! We went again the following week and there were different students and this time more about 30 or so and no one speaking Russian this time. This time they all listened very well and I was surprised at the difference in their attentiveness over that last group, I do hope it can be used to speak to their hearts!
  The assembly there had a Conference with speakers from Romania and Germany who did most of the speaking. The assembly building is small so the place became packed from wall to wall in a short time. The breaks and meals were taken outside in the cold but sunny weather.
 The passage of discussion was in Colossians chapters 2 and 3. Unfortunately I was not feeling well so I spent most of the time outside with the kids.
I got ready to go back to Ukraine, but this time I took a very different route. I was able to get a ride from Moldova into Romania, which was a great help! From here I took a bus pretty much across Romania and through the Carpathian mountains, it took 17 hours to get to the border of Ukraine. This was a new border crossing for me and I was very nervous about them trying to make things difficult but it ended up as one of my easiest and pleasant crossing. When the officer gave me back my passport he said, “Welcome to Ukraine and enjoy your stay”, I think this was the first time I was greeted this way, it felt good!
This part of Ukraine borders three countries Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. I walked across the border into a small village. I was then told there are no buses here and I would have to walk three kilometers to the nearest bus stop, so with one suitcase, one large backpack and one small one, I started walking across the village  to the bus stop. Once I got on the bus I thought it would be 1 or 2 hours to the town where I was going called Uzghorod but it actually took another 5hrs.!!  The purpose of coming to that town was to visit two assemblies that I heard were in this area. I had a number and called and the next day was invited to dinner by this Christian family. One of their daughter's can speak good English and was the interpreter. We had a long discussion for many hours late into the night. Most of the talk was about the Church, her function, her purpose, and her development. We then talked about the gathering together and assembly truth. I spent most of my time with this small assembly of about 10 and this very nice Christian family! The other purpose I came here was to visit a Christian book store. This place was a big warehouse of books in Ukrainian and in Russian. It is a German organization that prints Christian materials in other languages. Books from Macintosh, Darby, Kelly and so on, I was very surprise to see such materials printed in Ukrainian and Russian. My Time spent here was very good and I was very blessed to meet such a family!
 Then came my 10 hour bus ride back over the Carpathian mountains to get back to Ivano. As we were going uphill the bus was going so slow I thought we were going backwards, however I did make it to Ivano safely,  Praise God! I was met by Dima at the bus stop in Ivano and was very glad to see him, we then walked together to the apartment!
While I was away Eric and Margie Fowler were here carrying on the work and then Malcolm and Wade were continuing the work which meant having weekly meetings and visiting institutions, bringing aid that was sent by Christians in North America along with the gospel message. Was good to see Malcolm again and Wade for the first time. Heather Anderson from Wisconsin was also here visiting the Christians in Lutsk, Lviv and Ivano.
We all went to the mid week meeting in Lviv where Wade gave a very good message about Christian character. Gill and Helen Plourde were also staying in Lviv at this time. 
 After the meeting we said our goodbyes. Malcolm and Wade flew out the following day and I came back to Ivano.
Please pray for the work and for us workers, for guidance and strength and for Unity! Also for this Christian family and the small assembly that I visited, that God would protect them and preserve them.
Thank You for your many prayers!
In Christ our Lord! Dan Perez

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Final Ukraine Report from Malcolm And Wade. Nov 2016

Ukraine Report #9.  Monday Nov 21st

A lady Lianna, has managed to get another apartment and has managed to remodel 50% of it. She managed to purchase enough chipboard to cover the cement floor before laying linoleum. A man had said he would lay the floor but was not able to do it. Because she is such a regular attendee at meetings we volunteered to cut, glue and lay her floor for her. It was finished after supper and is ready for linoleum to be laid by someone. I had a good talk with her about her salvation, but she is still a little fuzzy about whether she is already a “believer”. Please pray for Lianna and her teen-age daughter Marina.

We came home to eat supper and Dan arrived after a 10 hour bus trip from a town named Uzhorod  on the border of Ukraine, where he had been ministering for a week.

Tuesday. We decided we would go to the English school, as we call it, and speak once again, as it is in town here. We were well received by both the Administrator and the assistant Administrator who met us last time. The Head Administrator, we soon found out, is really into Ukrainian politics and held forth on all the reasons why things are misunderstood about Ukraine. 
Well once he stopped, he welcomed us here and we were taken to a senior class of students, all in their uniforms, and Wade and I both spoke with only a little help from our interpreter. They were a very receptive class and we only hope they will heed the message we brought them.

We had some shopping to do and then got ready for our last meeting in Ivano. We were thrilled to see over 30 people present, two young men who were contacted on the street that day also came and sat on the front seat. They had obviously never been in a gospel meeting before but one stopped for a long time after and talked. 
After many hugs, we took a little group for pizza and then home to a welcome bed for our last night in Ivano Frankivsk.

Wednesday. After a good night's sleep and breakfast we packed and got ready to go back to Lviv. We said our goodbye's and left in time to go to Vladimir's home in Lviv for lunch.
We went to the mid-week meeting in Lviv and Wade gave a good word. Then it was back to the apartment in Lviv and a good last night's sleep in Ukraine.

 Thursday. We needed to clean up the room we slept in that night, as 19 boxes were expected at 10 am, so we made room. Just after they came with the boxes, Vladimir came and took Wade for a “down-town-tour” as he not been down town in Lviv. We were to meet at the airport.
After lunch we left with Ruslan, Gilles, Heather and me to the Bible House to order bibles for Ivano and buy some Ukrainian Christian calendars.
We all arrived in good time for the plane with no problems booking in at all.
After some sad goodbyes we headed for Warsaw, Toronto and home with good flights and no hitches.
 Thank you for your prayers for us, we felt it as we spoke to both children and adults.
 We continue to pray for Dan Perez who has just returned for his 3 month period in Ukraine. Please put him on your prayer list as it is not easy when you are working alone. 

God bless you all.
 Malcolm Stanley and Wade Bauld.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ukraine report #8 Friday Nov18th

Friday Nov 18th. 
We left Ivano this morning, heading for Lviv to spend the end of the week there. The weather, I should have said, has been lovely for several days and the main roads clear of snow, but the side roads still a lumpy hard snow disaster. 
We decided to make our way to Yosapowichi, a village not too far from Lviv, that we have visited many times with Flo Kancir, when she was here. For those who don’t know, the orphanage is only very partially supported by the Government and would probably gone out of existence if it were not for effort of the North American Christians to help it. It has up to 20 children from 3 to 6 years old.
The Director was new to me, but very pleasant. As in most places, they were doing a “remont” (re-modelling,) of the dormitory because the rain had brought the ceiling down. It was already repaired and plastered but needing paint and the new floor sanded and varnished, but no funds to finish the floor. As the amount was not a large sum Wade & I presented her with the right amount. I thought she was going to cry. She could not believe that God had sent us there, without us knowing the need. I told her “Before she asked, God answered.”

We spoke a little word to the children as they waited to eat and then went on our way to Lviv to have supper with Vladimir’s mother and his girl friend. We went to our apartment and shared it with Gilles and Helene for the night. 

Saturday we left with Ruslan for a town about 70 km from Lviv, where Edmund has helped on alternate monthly Saturdays with a class of children from the town.
A Christian man brings them together and it is a real delight to see the excitement of these children. This day was a little different as a group of children and two men brought some children to sing some choruses, accompanied by a very young little girl on the violin and a man on guitar. They sang for about 15 minutes  and were an absolute delight. They had to leave then as they had another appointment. I then spoke to the remaining 25 children and 12 adults.

We then went to the brothers home for an amazing meal. He has 6 lovely children but that is no problem to prepare a good meal. A young woman from a neighbouring town came to meeting. She has a little child and is seeking to know the truth.

Sunday. I realised that I had left my suit in Lviv, so had Vladimir bring it for me when he went to pick up those who wanted to come to meeting. He arrived in time for me to change into my blazer. A nice morning meeting and I spoke in ministry and Gilles spoke to the children. 

Back to Ivano,  we could not have a meeting in the rented hall due to an old timers dance being held there. The noise was deafening. So some went out with tracts in the city centre.
Then out for supper with Heather Anderson who has come to spend some time here. Thank you, all who have prayed for us, we have felt blessed. 

 Malcolm and Wade.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Ukraine Report #7 Nov 15th

Ukraine Report #7 for Tuesday Nov 15th

Well Tuesday arrived with no melting of the snow on the trees or streets. The number of trees broken off is so sad, literally 100’s in town I’m sure.

We had found a man who would help the Russian lady a Petriliv who had no heat in her cottage except two weak fan heaters. The storm had cut off the electric power to the village and she was desperate as she had 4 children and no way to cook any food on the two ring hotplate. The man agreed to reline the chimney and make the heater into an oven and hotplate as well. This meant she can cook and heat by the same wood stove. Most of the older cottages heat like this only most have gas and don’t need wood. This cottage is not hooked to gas. We took him the money and he will do most of the work on Monday.

We had forgotten that we were invited for lunch at Dema’s home at 1pm so hurried over to be there. Natalia, his mother, put on a feast with borscht followed by a meat patty and mashed potatoes, plus open face sandwiches and cookies. She is so appreciative for what God has done in her life in saving Dema and also what the Christians did for her when she lost her nose to cancer and we paid for her to have it rebuilt with plastic surgery. We believe she has got saved since her surgery.

We had forgotten that people were coming up from Lviv to help in our meeting  and so met them at a restaurant for 4oclock tea. We could not eat a bite but we had a good visit with Ruslan, Gilles and Helene Plourde from Canada and Heather Anderson from the USA who wants to spend time here. The ride was still not good on the highway, so they said. There were a few less for meeting, I think owing to the awful roads in town for walking.
 Gilles spoke and I followed but the room was without heat and uncomfortable but at least no one slept.

We found that most of the schools were back in after the storm. I remembered a school that we visited several times, probably 8 or 9 years ago, but had never gone back to. We had had a very good reception to the school and for the first time, I remembered speaking in English class in English. We phoned and got the assistant Director who welcomed us to come that day. As soon as we got there it was the same man I knew and he remembered me. Well great hugs and then a tour of the lovely facility built by the Czechs. as thanks for allowing their gas pipeline to pass through Ukraine. It has, among other things a beautiful gym and a swimming pool. They have over 400 student and all wear uniform. We spoke to a grade 11 class and they listened to the whole thing in English.
We are welcomed back to speak again before we leave.

I don’t know where some of the money is coming from in Ukraine but is amazing what is being built. There is a hardware store called the Epicentre. The original is larger by far than anything I have seen in Canada. Now they have added an extension that is far larger than the original. The work going on to build everything in the new and move product from the old is mind boggling. Hundreds of people moving, dismantling and re building is amazing. There is onlt one problem though at the moment. We went to buy a single inside door for the  fire ravaged apartment. We found a door in the new part but the sales people were in the old part. We went back and forth until I said that was enough so we came without the door and will go and try again tomorrow. The store is going to need shuttles to move people around, the expanse is so great.

We decided to go to the big school in Holovesco with the 2000 children, so phoned the lady we had met before and she said they would be ready when they arrived. She asked how many classes we would like to speak to and we said 3 she said why not 4 being as you are here! So to 4 full classes we spoke. Two of the were double classes with kids squashed in their desks. Most were older but one class were younger. All were very respectful and the younger class wanted to take selfi’s of us before we left.

The road was very rough with packed ridges of hard snow to try to miss. We went and got the door later with no problem this time.

Home in time to set up for meeting in the apartment. 11 people all together with good attention as we spent time in Acts 2 and what the first assembly practiced. This was very new to some and attracted good questions. After a meal of pizza and cake and cookies, some brought by the visitors we continued for a time and then Valodia ferried them all home.
I humorous thing we enjoyed was when Wade went to the store to buy some cookies. He picked up a box and all the girls in the store were laughing. He found out why when he got to the apartment. He had bought a whole box of cookies that they just dip into and sell in small bags. They must have thought he was joking, or really enjoyed those type of cookies, anyway we sure had plenty of them.

And so to bed after another good day.

Keep praying please, as our time will soon be done here.

Malcolm and Wade.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ukraine report #5 November 9th

Sorry for forgetting to post this one.

Ukraine Report #5 November 9th.
Wednesday Nov. 9th .

I have forgotten to mention that I am sure it has rained every day of our visit yet.
It is pouring today and did so all day. Snow is expected for the weekend.

We shopped for prices of water heaters first thing, for the burnt out apartment, they are fairly pricy but not unreasonable. Did not buy one yet.

We then picked up Yaroslav, one of the local Christians and headed to the country over quite poor roads. Yaroslav’s wife is living in her recently deceased mothers little farm home, feeding the chickens and the dog. Yaroslav lives in Ivano in his son’s apartment. We stopped in at the farm to say hello as we went on our way to the town a little further on.
We were going to the large school in the village named Stetseva. We were greeted by the charming man Director Vasil, who has been there for years and gives us such a big welcome.
He gathered about 60 students from grades 8,9, 10-12. They were very interested in what we told them of our work and Canada. We spoke for 40 minutes and had a question time too. As I was going down the stairs, a cute 15 year old girl stopped me to ask a question. She said “Will you take me to Canada?” and threw her arms around me. Most people want to come to Canada, it is really too bad as most never will.

We left a box of children’s clothes at the school and then headed to see a catholic priest in the same village. The reason we go to see him is because he is a saved man who tells his congregation they need to be saved, coming to church will not save them. He has a lovely wife and 3 children and has built his own house. When we arrived, his wife told us we were just in time for lunch and sat us down to a good meal of borscht, cabbage rolls and 3 different cheeses, relish and bread. We had a lovely time and then he loaded bags of potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, bread, sugar and beans into our van. He said we would find some poor people that we could give them to!!
 We then took Yaroslav back to stay with his wife for a day or so and then headed home, very satisfied but very tired too.
On the way we went to see a saved young mother Lesia who lives in the most unbelievable apartment of one room, with a mentally challenged husband. Her brother has come to help them remodel their apartment by knocking a door through the wall into the next washroom. They have permission but the neighbours are complaining even though they have started. We gave them some funds to help continue with the needy job when they resume.

Thursday Nov 10th

We went to a very large school in Kolomia. I had never been there before but some others have. The assistant director met us and quizzed us as to what we teach etc. She seemed very efficient and a little sceptical but changed completely once she came to the classrooms. We spoke in 3 large classrooms with good attention and feed back in all. The grade 10 and 11 combined was the best as most speak English. When we were finished, she told us we were welcome back any time but to give them time to book classes for us. There are 1900 students and 130 teachers, the biggest school I have spoken in. She said they had had people before who spoke against the church and the police were called.

Got home in time to rest and get ready for evening meeting in the apartment.
We were excited to have Andre, an older man who is the father of one of our ex-drivers wife, arrived early. He had visited his wife who is sick in hospital with a stomach suture that they cannot stop bleeding for some reason. He is very worried but seemed to enjoy our company with the other 5 people who came for the bible study. He left early but not before we sang Happy Birthday, as it was his 59th birthday.
Altogether, an enjoyable and we trust spiritually profitable day. So off to bed.

Friday Nov 11. They do not celebrate Remembrance Day in Ukraine.

We went about 85k to a village named Yasen, where there is a Sanatorium for sick children. We have been often but the condition of the road to it would keep most from visiting. The building is almost in the mountains and so has very healthy air.
The 89+ children are only there for one month at a time; most have lifelong sicknesses and come there from hospitals. It is not a TB hospital. This was the first time the director/doctor took time to show us through the whole facility. It is beautiful, in excellent condition. Since being there last time they got a major grant from Japan because of what they are doing for children, to put in all new windows and clad the building in an 4” material for insulation. It was then stuccoed and painted. As we went around we stopped to talk to the nurses and the one nurse sat us down and took out blood pressure.

We then went into a large room and spoke to all the 80+ kids and about 10 staff. They were all very attentive and answered our questions. We gave a New Testament to all who wanted one and about 60 or so took one, others had one already. We spoke for about 45 minutes and then went to have lunch with the Director and his assistant.

Then the gruelling ride back to Ivano. We then went and paid for a heater that s installed in the fire damaged apartment today. There will now be heat for the men to begin the cleanup.

Thanks for reading this epistle, sorry if it’s too long but there is so much to tell you about this lovely but hurting country.
Please keep praying when you think of us.
Malcolm And Wade.

Ukraine Report #6 for Nov 12th

Ukraine Report for Nov 12.
We decided to have a good cleanup of the apartment today and so started by sweeping and vacuuming the floors. I then cleaned up the leaves of my balcony and washed the windows. Wade cleaned out the fridge and the kitchen. Vladimir opened another box from Canada and sorted out children’s items from others. We were very glad to get a lot of school items to give away, like pens and pencils a scissors for art projects and coloured pencils and crayons. When any of you see these items on sale at Walmart etc. They are very useful.   
I then went for a haircut, and unlike my usual preference, a young lady did a fantastic job. Absolutely different to any haircut I have ever had, for $4.00Cdn.

We then spent time getting ready for Sunday. In the evening we invited the men who are going to do the renovation to the apartment that had the fire. We spent a long time sorting out what we could do and what would be acceptable and least expensive. It is going to be expensive for any old Ukrainian lady to fix and so we want to do what we can for Anna. I’m sure it will cost about $3,000.00 to finish the job. God is able to provide, we know, but we would like to get the apartment liveable even though not finished. Anna and her daughter Maria are very appreciative for what we are doing.

It started to rain in the afternoon and by evening it was snowing.

By Sunday morning there was approximately 5-6” of wet snow. The trees were loaded and gorgeous. What about going to Lviv? Both I and Wade thought we should stay back and have a bible reading, but Vladimir was sure it would be ok, as the trucks and buses would clear the roads. The first thing we saw were 3 trolley buses  stuck one behind the other while trying to get around a corner. Well we got over halfway to Lviv and into the hills, passing one semi after another either in the ditch or unable to get up the hills. We came on one long hill and the line of traffic was stopped all together. There were two vans at the top of the hill, blocking anyone getting passed. A dozen or so people got out of cars and buses to walk up and help dig and push them out. We sat there one and a half hours and were then told by a “walker” that it was blocked the other side of the hill by a bus across the road. As we had missed the meeting in Lviv by now, we turned around and came back to Ivano. A wasted morning except for the hymns we sang and the scripture Wade read while waiting.
We came home to feast on a Chocolate cake that Luba brought us as a gift from her newly married daughter Marika. Then the vanload went home and will come  for meeting at 6pm. We all had a nap. (Couldn’t miss that on a Sunday afternoon??)

Decided we should get a shovel to clear our parking spot. I guess everyone else had decided the same thing too. We did see some very poor ones but not after walking through the outdoor market did we see what we wanted.

We then went to the Halfway House for young children whose homes are not a good place for them to be. They used to have only older children but now have one 3 years old and up to 18
We tried to get into a store after that to look at printers. As we were sloshing across the parking lot a load of wet snow came off the roof of the store and crashed through the roof of the entrance awning. Some people were just going in but only got covered in snow, it could have been worse. On the way back to the van, I slipped and grabbed a man’s arm, I think he thought I was going to rob him!! Thankfully I didn’t go down and he didn’t hit me.

We had no meeting on Monday so came home to relax and prepare for meeting tomorrow. The bad roads have affected some of our plans for visiting schools as most schools are closed and the roads are terrible.

All for now, tried to paste pictures but not smart enough, I guess. Please keep praying for us, our time is passing quickly.

Malcolm and Wade.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ukraine Report #4 Nov.6th

Ukraine Report #4.
Sunday Nov 6 th

We were up in good time for breakfast and ready to leave at 8:30am to go to Lviv for Morning Meeting. We had a full van of people to go. Several are not in fellowship in the church yet but are interested to come and look on.

There were a nice number at the meeting and several men took nice part. After the meeting Wade Bauld gave a nice word of testimony and I followed teaching the children.

We then had a nice cold lunch and then loaded the van to return to Ivano. We got home in time to have a nap before going out to our Gospel Meeting in the rented room. A good number were out once again and paid good attention.

Monday. Nov 7th.

We headed out early to go to one of our favourite orphanages in Yablunuv, or Apple Village. The director, Natalia, met us and took us to her office. She is an excellent director, very efficient and has got a program set up for the 80 students in her care. Most of these children are mildly backward in their learning ability and have special assistance in school. Only a few of the children have no parent’s, the others have either one or two but are not allowed to stay full time in their homes due to various reasons.

We took them 4 balls, 2 soccer and 2 volley ball. They were really excited with them. We met in their little auditorium and we both spoke to all 80 of them, they really listened well. Maybe because the Director sits with them as we speak!
We were then taken for a very tasty lunch of Borscht, potato patties and rice. The same meal that the children eat. They feed them very well.

We always ask what their particular need is and found it was for a laundry dryer. We were not able to help at this time. They get no help with appliances from the government.

There is an old people’s home in Yablunuv so we went to visit it while there. The director was away so we were not able to see him, and the old folks were sleeping. We left them calendars and headed home.

Tuesday Nov.8th

Leanna, one of the ladies who attends our meeting and we have known for years, asked if we could help unload some floor underlay sheets of chipboard for her. So we went to her newly renovating apartment. Thankfully, it was on the ground floor and the 14 -½” sheets didn’t take long to carry in. She has been able to do this, as she sold he mothers house in the village, and this gave her money.

We then headed out to the village of Stari Lycetts and the school there. The Christian Ethics teacher, Halina met us with her usual joy, she is a Christian.
We waited to the end of a break and then started to go around about 5 or 6 classrooms, almost non-stop. The children were wonderful and listened well as Wade told of his home city and the fire that almost destroyed it, I followed in each class. We said our farewells and headed back in time for out meeting at 6pm. Again a good number gathered with one new face to me, an African from Nigeria named Kelvin, who is studying to be a doctor. I think he may be a Christian but am not sure yet. Our young brother Dema opened the meeting in the gospel for me.

And so to bed very tired, but not a good night’s sleep once again.

Thank you again for your prayers.

Malcolm and Wade and Volodia our interpreter

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ukraine Report #3 Nov 3rd.

Ukraine report #3 Nov 3rd.

We went to a school/orphanage in a village called Kosiv. I had been there before and we were welcomed by the Administrator Valentina. The school has a mixture of students, some are just from the village, some are wards of the State because of abuse from alcoholic parents. Some stay for the week in school and go home at week-end. It must be hard to organise things sometimes. Well we were taken into about 6 or 7 classes, from grade 2 to seniors. The listened very well as both Wade spoke of the fire in Fort McMurray  and how it made him and his wife feel how terrible Hell must be. I spoke a little too. We gave out tracts and calendars.
We were then taken for a nice lunch in Valentina’s office and headed back home in time to have a group in for pizza and a Bible study. 10 people came and we had a LONG discussion on tongues, healing and the gifts, also icons, crossing ourselves and other topics. The consensus was that it was very instructive, even though some still had questions.
We did a wash and the headed up town to pick up the computers and deliver them to Petriliv. We could not go until after the inspectors had left so washed the filthy van and picked up more candy for the children when we visited the schools. At about 4pm we took the computers to Petriliv, much to the delight of Anna, the Director. On the way back, we have to cross a long narrow steel bridge. Only one large truck can cross at one time. Well it looked as if a large van had started over while a truck was coming and must have had to back up to the start of the bridge. What a line up of vehicles in both directions. Gor home in good time though.
I thought my Jet-lag was over so didn’t take a pill to make me sleep. So much for thinking, I don’t think I slept more than 2 or 3 hours!!
We were going to make some visits today so did not rush to get going. Our first visit was to Anna and Marika’s home, where they had a fire in the apartment. We picked up Valentin and his wife Tania to come with us as he is going to look after the restoration. What a mess. If it had been a house, I’m sure they would have torn it down. Thick black smoke had completely blackened the ceiling and much of the walls. The ceiling in the living/ kitchen had been ripped down in part because the fire was electrical and went up the wall and into the ceiling.
Plaster stripped from walls.
Burnt water heater

The water heater was burned but they think they can fix it, we think it should be replaced. The plaster was off all the walls in the kitchen. I will attach some pictures. There were many tears from both women as they think of the hopeless situation of no insurance and only 500 Rhivney ($27.00) compensation from the government!!

Valentin has done renovations before and is willing to oversee the job and get other Christians to help, but it will need funds for wages and material, a new heater will cost About $1,000.00 It is a heat-on-demand heater and heats both the apartment and water. They have no heat at all at present.
We then took Valentin and Tania out for coffee and heard how God had saved them both. They are both new to me but Tania was at the Conference lat week and both came to our Thursday meetings.

We then went to visit a lady who I have known for years, Diana and he son Slavic. She was nursing a foot that has just had surgery to straighten a bent toe. We had an excellent time speaking to her about her faith and other matters. We feel she is saved but seems still attached to the church. Slavic listened very well, he is in University.
We left there and went to get some food product for Lesia and her son Andrei. They live in abject poverty, but she loves the Lord and comes regularly. She is a little handicapped but now sweeps the street to add to her handicapped husband’s salary.

And then home to eat a hearty meal of Craft Dinner, prepared by Chef Wade with cubassa rings to boot.
All for now. Preparing for meeting in Lviv in the morning with a full van to go.

Thanks for praying.

Malcolm and Wade