Saturday, October 8, 2016

We are sorry for the gap in posting news from Lviv and Ivano Frankivsk.

Further to the heading. Eric Fowler and his wife Margy with two other single ladies were there for the month of September. Eric wrote several times but we were not able to  prepare them for posting.
Since Eric returned Gilles and Helen Plourdes and Howard and Robin Pratt have arrived and are there at this time. Malcolm Stanley and Wade Bauld are going in time for the Lviv Conference on October the 26th. and staying into November.
Dan Perez is in Romania and Moldova an will also return in November.Please pray for these workers, there is much ground to seed with the Word of God.

 Sep 9, 2016,
                  From Eric and Margie Fowler Ivano Frankisk ....... ...
 The meeting tonight here in Ivano Frankisk gave to us great joy. Many of the old contacts were out but 6 young men were out new, Dema's friends. Then his brother Slavick was out to sitting in the front seat. 45 were out, what a number Sasha, Olex and Ola's son was back. they were out as well and stayed and talked a long time. God is able to do above what we can ask or think.
 Keep Praying for sure .....

  Sept 10.
  Lidia made breakfast for us. Goats cream in three different forms and the mountain breakfast... Corn meal mush. It went well.It was great to visit with her and her husband and son.

 Then went to the market for MUSHROOMS for Era's parents.   In our looking for them  Heather
  met one of the Christians from the Baptist group we have helped a lot.  I was planning
 to leave them some literature so we left it with him.  He had my tract on his table and other literature.   It was of the Lord to meet him. He has 5 children, all girls.  We gave him more of my tract ...he said now I can tell the people I know this man.  I left him funds to help with is effort in the market every Sat.   
We went to the Mountains, to Virhovina and went to the Principle's home first for dinner OXANA was so happy to have us in her home ..she said she was glad we came on a day we can visit and talk to her, not just in the school. We left her clothing for children and some for the teachers, they are all ladies also left her school material for children some crafts things as well.  We also left her some funds to help in some way within the school. She told us the funds we left last time she bought two hot water boilers one for boys dormitory and one for the Girls.
That was so nice as we had a nice visit with her and her son who is studying to be a Lawyer.    Went to a museum just out of town limits for a visit Then the long three hour ride home again.   We had a short rest and went to Louisa and her husband Eurie’s home for supper. Their daughter got saved three years ago and was our interpreter for some years.
The visit was good but love to see them with a greater love for salvation.
Often hard work and time to win a soul for the Lord .....

        SEPT. 11th.
This is our first Lord's day to be  here. There were eight of us to go to Lviv.
God is good and it is nice that the ride is only 1  1/2  hour drive now as the road is newly paved all the way. Four of the men was missing from meeting so only a small crowd.  But the meeting went very well. Edmond and Agnes are away as Agnes is sick and had to go back to Ireland for help.  The meeting went very well with four of us worshiping..
I gave a little word at the end. A GREAT PRIVILEGE TO THANK GOD ..                              Ruslan gave the story to the children.  then a wee lunch and some hugs and greetings to the 
  Saints there. God is good. Then the ride back home.
  Meeting here in I vano Frankisk. The crowd was just great 45. Dema had 6 of his friend out..amazing. Then Slavic and Dema and one of Dema's friends came back for tea. Era our interpreter stayed as well.   The day ended with a joy of seeing the Lord work.

Sept 12th.
                         Not an early rise as for me I was very tired after days in the mountain and full Lord's day.   
We Loaded van after breakfast and our reading mediation.  We put sheets in  for two sections of the Baby hospital Went to printers to see if I could get some tracts and other things printed.  Picked up interpreter and went to see head Dr,in Baby hospital and had nice visit ,he is such a great man. Would love to see him have more interest in Salvation but pray that will come soon.                       
The went to see the mothers in the Hospital, the Head nurse takes us around. Met 28 mothers, as that 's what we had 28 bags from the ladies from Welland on this trip,.  Had tea with the head nurse.
We then went out to dinner. We then met Luba a sister in the Lviv meeting who
 is taking care of a very old lady who is cripple. We had nice visit for sure.
Came home with Luba and had cake for her birthday ...her daughter Marica came too .
Louisa came for pampers for a lady she helps.  Then Olex and Ola and two sons and 
                 Teraes's wife came for clothing and for just a visit. That was great even though 
             they stayed late and we were all sooooooo tired .

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Report from Dan Perez in Ivano Frankivsk.

Dear Praying friends.                                                                                July 2016
Early in the month I took another MRI scan because I kept feeling pain in my leg throughout the night. I then took the scan to the Dr. and he said that it shows my ACL needs to be repaired and that requires surgery. He said if I could live with it as is surgery is not needed, so I am use a brace for the knee and so far so good!
I was asked to visit one old blind lady with leg problems. They told me that she has an interest in the bible and wanted to talk so I met with her. A very nice lady and listened very well as I shared the gospel to her and seemed to agree with all I said but when I asked her if she know she was forgiven she was lost all over again. All her siblings have died and only one living brother is left but sick and may die soon. She started to cry and said if her brother dies she will be an orphan having no family. I shared with her that all who are in Christ are in the Family of God and God the Father promise that He will never leave or forsake His own!
There is a woman that is looking after her and I gave her some tracts to read to the blind lady and hope that both can be reached with the Gospel message, the good news of being forgiven by God! (WOW, what good news that really is!!)

The highlight of the month was having Larry and Ruth Perkins staying with me just before I left Ukraine. They were a great help in many ways and the people here took a big liking towards them and many remembered them from last year. Though there was so much  to be done we did what we could with the time we had. Ruth really went out of her way when she started to scrub the kitchen floor with a toothbrush! I did not think it was that bad but it did look a lot nicer when she was done! I wanted to take a picture of her doing this but did not want people to think this would be one of their duties plus given bread and water for them to stay here!

We visited one family that lives far out in the country side. Once you get off the long dusty gravel road then you make a turn into the forest. It seemed like the middle of nowhere but on the other side of the forest there is a small village which is where they live. I have not seen them in more than a year and know they have two more children which makes a total of four. He needs to leave the country from time to time to earn some money. Where they live they have no shower and would like to make one but no money. They are now having bible meetings in their house once a week and wanted us to visit but we had no time as they have them on Sundays. They also wanted us to meet one Amish family that has come to a few of their bible meetings, I do hope to meet them in the future. We had a good talk and hope it would be of some encouragement to them. We left them a box, things for the children and for the house.

There is one lady who comes to the meetings and asked for prayer for I think it was her grandson, who was sick in the hospital and she was very burdened by it, well he died, just 8 years old. She was full of tears for a few of the meetings then stop coming. Last year when Larry and Ruth were here we had a nice visit at her small apartment and was hoping to make another visit but could not reach her. I think it had something to do with the 40 days after his death. She did show up at the last meeting I had looking very sad with teary eyes. Another woman said after one of the meetings, God did not help this time. This lady would profess to be a Christian and was hoping we could spend some time with her but no time opened up, her name is Anna.
We visited a few sanatorium, one of them we visit quite often is far and the road is not very good half of the way there. As we arrived we met with the director, he’s a big man and very nice also! They were having some kind of outdoor activity with the kids, making chocolate and putting them in little cups with berries. They asked us if we would like to have the meeting outside and since the kids were out and it was a beautiful day we said we would. They set up the chairs and the kids all sat. There were possibly 75 kids most of them sitting and some of the off to the side with the nurses and teachers. Both Larry and I spoke and I thought they all listened very well! We then gave out New Testaments to those that asked plus bible texts and some candy. We bought some games and brought boxes of clothes and gave it to them which were some of the things they have asked for. They fed us lunch before we headed back on those roads, that was nice of them!

Had a children’s meeting for the locals in a new place, about 10 to 12 children plus their parents came to the meeting. Larry gave the message I tried to do the songs and the games and we had some snacks afterwards. I thought it went well and would have liked to have another one but had no time! Larry also took part in each of the local meetings in Ivano and spoke in the Lviv assembly the two Lord’s Day we were there!
Larry and Ruth were a big help and an encouragement not only to me but to others as well! A big thank you to them for having a desire to come and be used of the Lord! And a big thank you to all who has sent boxes and have continued in prayer!
I am now in Moldova and may visit the Christians in Romania as well. Please pray that God would bless the time spent with the Christians in these places!!
Thank You!
In Christ our Lord!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Eric Fowler's 3rd report from Ukraine.

 A SHORT VERSION OF EVERY DAY FROM MAY 20th  TO 26th.             


  May 20 .......
               We loaded van the with boxes of clothing again, early in morning and then picked up   Yaroslav and his son and son's wife. We  then went for the 2 hour ride to the villiage where his wife lives with her mom who is 79 and fell twice and now isn't very well.   They were happy to have us and it was great to see the Dear old lady again.   It is the last time I will see her here, she got saved in 2007 and was baptized that year as well. I was a joy to see her and to see the joy we brought to her just to visit one of the REDEEMED.  
We returned to Ivano and then left for Lviv.  We have to be there all nIght to go to a Village near Lviv and speak to about 35 children.  Edmond goes there every second Saturday so we have been there many times and children looking forward to the visit.    Had nice ride to Lviv ...Dan took us part way and Edmond came to meet us.  A nice sleep on the rough bed there.  
 May 21  
  Edmond was late 1/2 hour and that meant Ruslan had to drive faster to get there.  Had nice visit with the 33 children there. We then had a nice visit with the family who organizes it, they have 7 children. I wanted a gift for some one in Ivano and Vladimir got it for me and he came for visit and gave it to me. Another sleep in  Lviv. 
     May 22
  Worship meeting at 11am.  5 came from Ivano but some missing.  I spoke later on 1 Cor. 3     ..... being careful how we build and what we build our Lives with ...and if it will stand the test of the fire of God approval. Then back to Ivano for the 6 o'clock meeting. 35 were out, a nice crowd. I spoke on the Lord's return and the importance of BEING READY.
Day over tired from the week traveling.
May 23
 We bought potatoes and Onions for 3 families and an Orphanage.  Delivered some and then let a very poor and shy lady come for clothing for her and her brother.   Two years ago we got to know her some. Another brother was dying and did die while we were here and I made a lot of visits to him as he wanted to know how to die, he was afraid we do believe he got saved before he did die.   He loved the verse he found the truth through and had it on his wall where he could see it .   In fact my last visit was just 2 hours before he died.   God is a good and gracious God.  
Went to Luba's village and saw her mother in Law, she is a very sweet old lady who got assurance a year ago that her sins are forgiven and loves you to read and tell her things from the Bible. She now can't see to read and misses it very much.  We went to Pony Tail Luka's for supper when we came back and then to a Drug store for medicine for Orphanage. 
 We came home and opened boxes of clothing and repacked to take to Peters village and to the orphanage in the Mountain.   Louisa came to play a few games and talk .
           May 24 
   Early in morning went to the Hospital to meet with the Head Doctor. Took him a box of 
 men's clothing for workers at the Hospital.  We also left him some medical supplies I sent from Newfoundland . We then went to the baby's hospital and gave out 21 bag's to ladies who had new babies.  We also had tea with head nurse and met the lady who sells the mops we buy for the Hospital.    We then went to dinner . Then we went to get Natalia's  medicine, the lady with MS. We had the wrong medicine and had to change it . We came back with little time to rest and get ready for meeting. We had 35 out which was great for summer and planting time and nice weather.  Then after meeting Dana and Leanna and Dema's mom came for clothing.  We had   tea with everyone.   A long day for sure .....
 May 25 
 We were up early and packed boxes in van for the mountain trip. We will stay over night.  We took food to an old lady before going out of town. We have boxes for an orphanage and for the Baptist Group there. We have some Bibles, texts and printed literature for the Baptist Group. It's a long drive 2 hours but Dan went out of the City the wrong way and went long way to the mountains and the ROUGH way. My patience which has been tried in so many different ways was stretched to it's new limits. We arrived there finally and meet the Principal Oxana and had a nice visit. We saw some of the Students but It's year end and we knew we would not be able to speak to them but still chose to come.
We saw the place they fixed up for Girls to learn to cook and serve coffee to make little money for the orphanage. We did sleep well and my wife was extra tired for sure ........

       May 26
 We went to the orphanage for breakfast and it was just great to eat as the children eat.   Oxsana will go away for all day and have meetings about the school summer camp.   We called Peter from the Baptist group last night and he was very happy for our coming as he is in town for a day and we met him at 10. He had a time for people from 5 villages to come for clothing and literature and was happy for all that I had for him, clothing included. We had the book “Sergie” ..who jumped boat  off BC in Canada. Our Brother Roy Foster from Newfoundland had it done in Ukraine Language and we had some to give with the other literature but we got a suprise, as about 150 was there and he allowed us 45 min. to preach the Gospel  to them We had an exercise about this area for so long and God opened the door in a day unexpectedly AMAZING HEAVENLY FATHER . 
Then the long journey home but the right way 2 hours on rough road but better then the long way. 

When back in town we met Leanna and Mariena and took them to supper.   Then we did boxes to take to Peters village to the Mayor tomorrow.   TIRED EVER SO TIRED ..BUT OK ...doing the will of the Lord .....
                             Eric and Margie

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Eric Fowler's 2nd report for May 2016

Eric Fowler’s 2nd report from Ukraine.

Thankful that,though we did have some problems we did not finish up in hospital. Thanks to God for that.

Greetings from the  Ukraine.  Yesterday the 15th, war planes was flying over the city,       they make quite the noise but just happy they weren't dropping bombs but just a funny feeling. We were on the ninth floor when they went over.

May 16th ....
 It's another Monday, the second since we arrived and time is flying by; soon we will have to head home. Some tell us we waste our time in coming not long enough and we should stay longer. It's the time we have and trust Heaven for the true record some day. 
After morning preparation we went to meet head nurse at hospital and took 15 bags
 to give to mom's that had a baby. We put a calendar, Bible story book, New Testament  and a tract in with the baby things we  got from boxes.  We know boxes are here that are full from Ontario Ladies but haven't found yet.   We had a very nice time with the mom's and some of the dad's and a great visit with the head nurse.  That's the place where we bought chairs and 2 Desks for the nursing station.  
From there we went to the Prison head office to see about an application to speak in the 3 prisons in the area.
 We had Lubchick and his two friends come and wash down the three flights of
stairs of our apartment.   Lubchick is brother to Dema who got saved a year and half ago.  Got boxes sorted for Peters village tomorrow.  Went to Svetlana’s for supper with her dad and mom, she is home for a short visit.  Svetlana is the interpreter who got saved maybe 3 years ago.
 Day over and tired for sure with my flue battle.

 May 17th
 We left for Peter's village and went to the school. We had nice visit with the teachers and workers there, also spoke to 20 children in a class room and also 6 teachers and  the Principle. We left 6 boxes of clothing with them. They were waiting and the men were all excited for I had a box especial for them.
We came back into town and went to visit Victor and his mom, they never miss meetings. He has asked for Baptism so we had a interview with him. God is able to bless. We also looked at a window that needs replaced. Then we went to Leanna's for some supper before meeting.

We had 33 in meeting tonight, a nice number for summer planting time and tonight it poured rain. Then after meeting went to Marie's for late supper, she is so sweet a lady and is so poor we bought a fridge for her 3 years ago.  
 Home late and very very tired for sure .... HE THAT WINNETH  SOULS IS WISE ....BUT HARD WORK FOR SURE ........

May 18th
Early rise to get boxes ready for an orphanage 2 hours away.    Kolomia I know as I was there few times. The first was with Louie Smith. It is quite changed to the place since that days we were first there. Amazing! They have 100 children and teach them cooking, ironing, wood work, renovations, gardening etc. Quite an orphanage. The     director there is amazing. She said “ I have such a nice school because of not stealing from funds by anyone” We listened to their program and spoke for 5 min.not much but God knows.
Back to the apartment and then took Leanna for pizza and then joined Dan with the 5 ladies who came with questions.
Day over and very tired for sure, my cold is beating me out.

May 19th
Morning preparations and then went and got food for an old lady. Saved but sick and can't get down the 4 flights of stairs to go to meeting any more. She cried today about her clothing and food and that she can't get to meeting. Then got food for Tanya and her children. Then we took Leanna and Marina to Kalush to see her mom's and dad's grave:  it was the day her dad was born on. A massive graveyard but the interpreter said in Odessa where she came from is one10 time larger.  Souls of PEOPLE but where are they. Amazing to here the story of the cross and believe it. This is a land of idols and massive corruption. Great to tell one the way to HEAVEN though.

Back to town and went to Valentina's, a blind lady, for supper, she is such a good cook wants you in every time you come. It was her birthday and we took her 5 roses.

Home but very tired. This week my last name is “TIRED” but not finished yet.

Svetlana's mom came for a visit and stayed late, also Leanna called and wanted some things delivered to another flat...amazing Grace to labour after your tired!!!

                                     Labours in the Ukraine for now .....Eric and Margie Fowler

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Eric Fowler's first report for his present visit to Ukraine.


   May 8th.2016....
                    I was very tired after Sunday after traveling here.  My Heart gave me little warnings and so we decided to rest a small bit after meetings over Sunday and also Monday morning.
Monday evening Vladimir came, the young Man who has been our interpreter for some years and we went to his mom's village and visited his aunt  and her two daughters and his grandmother. We truly had a nice visit and tea with them.
The day was sunny and warm and so went for a walk after returning to apartment.     We then went and had supper with Edmund and Agnes and had a nice visit and went over the work her in Ukraine and it great need and difficulties.
   Rest and sleep in the night was ok.

May 10th.
Breakfast came early and repacked to travel to Ivano Frankisk. Dan  from
Ivano Frankisk came and Dema came with him.  Dema is 20 years old who got save last year in July. We came to know his family in 2006. He has a sister Tanya and 3 other brothers,.Lubchick, Reamon and Slavic; Two  brothers  older then him and one younger.

 We need to pray for Dema as he is going to a school camp for 3 months that God will preserve him.  He was chosen from the university to go to this camp.
 We had a nice to Ivano,a very beautiful day.  We got here in time for dinner and a wee rest before evening meeting. We had 25 in, even though it is in the midst of planting.    A few new ones came and the faithful others. We went for tea with Leanna and her 
            daughter after meeting. Leanna has been coming some in the last few years but has been very slow in trusting us as she has had very many friends betray her.
Nice to be in the Ivano once again and at the apartment here. Lots and boxes from Ottawa, Nova Scotia, PEI, N fld. and Ontario.  
Our God is good and lots of work to do. Sleep was good for sure .

 May 11th.
I did not get up Early as still very tired and just little concerned about my heart blockages. Read and morning preparing and then at 10:30 went to meet Lessia, one of the poorest that comes to meeting, we took her to get groceries. We did as we always do, we allow here
to pick up what she wants. We also picked up at same time some for an old lady Halia by name who we believe is saved about two years ago and has had a number of strokes and now can't get out to meeting.She is funny and assures us she pray's for us all the time.  
 We then went to Dema's mom's home and met two of his brothers and had tea. Then went to his grandmothers and again had tea. It was her 72nd. birthday and she was very happy to see us. Dema's other brother lives with his grandmother.
His Grandfather died a year ago.  Pray specialy for that family. In my heart I see great potential for God to work there. Dema has a beautiful way about him Their father left them when very very young.
 We then cam back to the apartment and had some come in to discuss question they have It went very very well. There were six of them and 3 children and  one couple.
 God is a God of delivery. Now tired again and will seek to sleep.
                      GO YE IN TO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL .....Quite a commission .....
                                             Eric and Margie Fowler  

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Malcolm's final report #11 for November 2015

Malcolm' Final Report for November 2015.

Since my last report, we did a lot of local visits as well as a few out of town. As we were out of touch because of internet problems, I got behind on making daily records and so the following will not necessarily be in sequence.

Each meeting we had seemed to bring out someone who had either not been out before, or who neither Howard or I had met before. One night we had a couple who had fled from Kiev, who we believe are saved and who have two little girls. I'm not sure what their intentions are but think they are going back to Kiev.
We visited in some homes of different people who had been attending our meetings. Some of the apartments are pathetic, when you see what they have to live in. We are so blessed. We visited one lady named Halina, who lives on the 5th or top floor. She has had 2 strokes and lives alone with a cat and not much else. Her daughter comes over to help her each day. She use to be able to come out to meetings but cannot move out of the flat now. Her daughter came out to all the meetings while we were here.

We went to visit a friend named Mihailo, who was an administrator of the home we have reported on many times, as the Home for mentally challenged men in Sniatin. We always enjoyed the visit and helped in many ways over the years. Early this year he was replaced by another director, for no reason and left without a job.
He had built a house next to the home property where he planted fruit trees and grew vegetables for the home for men.
The new director brought in liquor for the patients. Some have got drunk and at least one fell out of a window and was either killed or seriously injured. I will not say more but the government does this regularly here. A good administrator build up a good home and then another government man is given the position as a “gift”, and the original man let go. It is so corrupt and sad.
Well it seems they celebrate the angel of our friends name ?? So, all the family would come during the day and the meal would continue. Well we were the first to eat, and did they feed us. His 4 grand-daughters acted as waitresses and really looked after us.
After we were fed we were loaded with lovely apples from their orchard and we said tearful goodbyes. His wife has a little store in their house and also does massage, so they still have an income.

We made a visit to see an old lady in Hospital, about an hour away. She is the mother in law of Yaroslav, who is in the meeting in Lviv and travels with us each Sunday. His wife Halia has been looking after her mother in her village home for years, now they are both sick but only the mother is in hospital. She was very glad to see us and seemed quite bright but may have had a stroke. We prayed with her and for her and left fruit.

We had a little scare when we heard that Lufthansa was going on strike the day we were to leave. Much prayer was offered and thankfully the strike was called off.
We had a birthday party for Volodia in the apartment, with pointed hats and a birthday cake. He is 27 years old.

We cleaned up the apartment for Dan who is to arrive after we have gone. He has spent the 3 months necessary to be out of the country, in Moldova and Slovakia helping in the assemblies in these countries. Please pray for him as he will be working alone.

We got to the airport in good time and had Andrei, Ruslan and Volodia to see us off. We had no problems for out total flight from Lviv to Munich and then to Frankfurt and onto Toronto and then me on to Winnipeg and Howard on the bus for 7 hours to his home.

Thank you for your prayers and support while away, God's presence was a continual experience for the whole month.

Malcolm, Howard and Volodia.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Malcolm's Report #10

Malcolm's Report #10

Wednesday November 18th.
Well it looks as if winter is soon to be here. It's quite cool with rain on and off. Things seem so messy here, so many poor sidewalks and potholes in the streets. The streets are much better but holes still seem to appear from nowhere.
We had decided to go to Virhovina a large boarding school across the Carpathian mountains. We thought we should get there before any snow arrived.
We were glad to see the road had been paved most of the way and was improved the rest of the way. We took 4 boxes of clothes with us as there is always a need for clothing in the lives of the “mountain children” that attend the school. About half the children live in the town but half of them travel to school on Monday and stay until Friday because of the distance they live in the mountains.
We met with Oxanna the Director and then went to the theatre, where the children were performing verses and song about Ukraine, as it was some special day, not sure which special day, they seem to have many ! They sang and spoke about their tradition of welcoming friends by giving a large Easter style loaf. The young boy and girl then came right to the back of the auditorium and presented it to me and Howard, complete with an embroidered cloth. So very sweet and unexpected.
As the children were now dismissed for the day-time studies, Oxanna took us to our "private" hotel.
We then took Oxana and her husband out for supper and had fresh trout. It was very tasty and well served. It worked out to about $5 to $6 Canadian each, including salad and drink. We then went back tp school at 6pm and over 100 students waited for us in the theatre. we then sang with them and gave a message as they listened well.
Then back to the hotel and Howard and Volodia shrunk a few pounds off in the sauna and pool. Volodia stayed in for 2 hours??
Breakfast provided in the morning and back to school to see two “workshops” that are almost complete. One for woodwork for the boys and a neat little “Cafe” where the girls will learn how to prepare and serve light lunches. They still need a microwave and dishes and cutlery, also a sink and taps to wash dishes etc, but I'm sure it will come in time.

We had planned to visit a school a little way from Virhovina but were warned not to go as the road was a disaster all the way back through the mountains.

Our plan turned out to be for the best, as we stopped at an orphanage on the way home and were warmly welcomed by a new young Director Michola who used to work for the original Director. He was excited to see us and show us what he had done and what he is planning to do. He brought all the 75 or so children from Kindergarten to 15, into an open hall with no chairs, He says that's his next project. We had a good time with them and they listened very well.

And so home very tired after the 130k through the winding roads for much of the way. I drove half way up and then half way back. We never feel it is wasted time or driving.

Will close off here and try to catch up on the rest of the days.

Malcolm Howard and Volodia.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Malcolm's Report # 9

Malcolm's report #9

Monday arrived with rain, it seems to have set in fairly regularly until it turns to snow but none yet.

We loaded up with boxes for Yabluniv or “Apple Village” to visit the orphanage/school there along with a maternity hospital and an old folks home. It is so convenient to have them all 5 minutes apart.

We met with the director of the school and spent time with her over a light lunch. I found out that here husband had passed away 3 months ago and she was taking it very hard, even though he had been sick with cancer for several years. We noticed a tear appearing so prayed with her. We then spoke to all the children and several staff. She does a wonderful job a training these children, some who are mentally backward. Her sewing and art teacher is amazing in what she has taught the girls and some boys to do.
She mentioned that she can use even small pieces of cloth as well as bolts of cloth, as she uses material to make pictures with silk flowers and other material, many on display are absolutely beautiful.

We left there and went to what was the maternity ward and found the door padlocked. We found the maternity nurses on the floor below and were told that the mat ward had been closed because of lack of women having babies. They were just talking to one mother to be who was obviously very poor with a mouth of rotten teeth but very sweet, who was in for a 7 month check up. We gave her one of the baby blankets a sister in Portage makes and she was very happy. We were told that most of the women go into the bigger cities to have their babies, as Labluniv is very small.

The old peoples home is in the same building as the hospital and we were very surprised to see a new entrance and ramp. As soon as we got inside we could see many improvements.
The Director Yuri was not in but came in about half an hour later. He was new to us and is obviously a go-getter. We spent about half an hour talking with him and the lady Maryanna, who is now in charge of the actual home in Yabluniv, he is director of 4 different areas of social work such as visiting homes to see who is eligible to come into the home, others who are asking for financial assistance and so on. He has made major renovations so far and is planning even more such as their own kitchen instead of carrying food from the hospital kitchen. He left Maryanna to organize a meeting and we met with about 20 or so as well as staff. They were very happy to have clothing and any help we may be able to offer.
We were then invited to have lunch with a 90% blind lady, another Maria and her son
(who was really not too well with a high temperature) and her mother. We had a nice meal in their one room and a kitchen apartment. How do people manage like this for years, she has raised 2 children here?

Tuesday was again wet and quite cool but no snow. We headed to the Half Way House, as we call it and met with the now assistant director Maria, as her son has now taken over as Director and she is now working with the children on a one on one basis and is enjoying it. They have made the changes they talked about a year ago and now can keep the children for 9 months instead of 3 which helps in school as they can give more time to their studies after settling down in the new environment. They have more children that they used to have and 6 more arrived while we were there. 4 had just been found sleeping under some stairs, after running away from home because of the drunkenness and abuse at home. Then the police brought 2 more in while we were speaking, the one about 3 years old and the other about 6. We didn't hear anything about these two.
The others listened very well as we gave them a simple gospel message. Some of the children are in their mid teens.

We had shopping to do for more parts for our hoist for the boxes which is already a great asset to loading the boxes.
At 4 pm we met with Svetlana, our former interpreter, for a light supper in a restaurant. Sveta now works in the Arab Emirets but was home in Ivano for a week. It was good to see her as she was our interpreter for several years and got saved during her time with us.
She then came with us to meeting at 6 pm. There were a few less number of people out but we had good attention and conversations afterwards.

Time is flying by so pray that we will know God's guidance and blessing in the remaining days here.

Malcolm Howard and Volodia.

Malcolm's Report #8

Malcolm's Report #8
Friday November 13.

A little overcast but very mild with no wind. Very nice they say, for this time of the year.

We had to leave at 7:45 am to go to Strii and meet Ruslan from Lviv to finalize the purchase of the house for Marie and Michal and their 3 children. We wanted the assessment of a Ukrainian man before finally settling the purchase.
Howard stayed behind and cleaned up the apartment and did some laundry. Volodia an I arrived in time to have coffee then Ruslan and Sasha, a plumber who has done much work for us, met us and we went to the house. Ruslan felt it was a good buy for the money and the plumber thought there was not much problem with the renovation in the kitchen. Ruslan tried to see if the owner would negotiate the price but she was not prepared to and got a little upset that he would ask. I guess she has lowered the price about 9 or 10 thousand dollars since trying to sell it as not many can afford to buy with the economy the way it is. I left a deposit and left on good terms. We have till the end of the year to pay for the house.

We had lunch and came home, stopping at our large Epi Centre to pick up the last pieces to finish the hoist at the apartment.
Volodia then worked on it until after dark and had it welded and able to hoist up our “test box” of 30k.
It will need to be finished tomorrow but will really assist in mainly getting boxes down to the van when we are leaving for a home or hospital. We can also bring the boxes up when they are delivered. I think I mentioned that the only negative thing about this lovely apartment is the badly worn two flights of stairs in narrow halls. The hoist will really help.
And so to bed quite tired tonight.

Saturday woke us with rain which eventually cleared into a nice day. We were planning on meeting a new Christian young man Dema, this after-noon and so needed some house supplies and fruit from the open market before. I must confess that both Volodia and I did not wake until 8:45am, the longest I have slept in to date. This put us a little late getting going after a breakfast of eggs and bacon by our late Chef Malconii. (I burnt the bacon!). After reading we got off at about 10:45. We met Dema And saw his mother at the same time, who invited us back for coffee after 3pm. Her name is Natalia and some will remember 5 years ago when were able to help her have surgery to replace her nose that had to be removed because of cancer. It was a miracle surgery and no one would think that she had had such surgery if they met her. She has four boys and one daughter Tania, who is saved and is working in Toronto. The four boys came in one by one as we ate. It was good to see them all now.

Dema is saved and we had a great time around the table, reading the word and challenging his older brother as to why he is not saved yet. He is very near and is very eager to talk.

Home then and getting ready for Sunday. Two messages for both of us tomorrow, two in Lviv and two back here in Ivano.


We left Ivano for Lviv in light rain that has continued for most of the day on and off. About 7 C temp.
We took Yaroslav, luba and Dema with us and got to the meeting 1 and 1/2 hours early due to the now good road that is almost finished repaving. It is an absolute miracle that this happened but such an improvement to the infrastructure.
We had a nice meeting with about 12 in the fellowship and 4 looking on.
Howard then spoke and I spoke to the children. After a lunch we headed home in time for a nap before the 6 pm Gospel meeting. There were 20 people out, mostly regulars but some missing.
One of the most difficult things is to know how to deal with people who come to meeting only to ask for money. Some show no real interest in the message but are asking for money right after the meeting.
We usually know those in real need and seek to meet their needs as best we can, but we have some who we fear a just beggars.
Please pray for wisdom in dealing with these people.

All for now. We are planning many visits for the week ahead as our time is fast depleting.

Malcolm, Howard and Volodia.

Malcolm's Report #7

Malcolm's Report # 7
Wednesday November 11.

Today Remembrance day is not celebrated her in Ukraine. They have another day when the remember the wars that have devastated this country so many times.
We planned a busy day today to visit two schools out of town. The first was Petriliv or Peter village. We had some boxes to take to the village as well as some school supplies left with us to deliver. It wasn't the most organized time, which is most unusual. Firstly, we had to wait for the principal who had other visitors. She came and we then went up to the class but another lady had arrive too, to teach a lesson on safety. She had started so Hana the principal suggested we go and see the lady mayor while the lady talked and we could unload our boxes at the mayors office. We got there and she was out! We sat around while they tried to find her. We were about to go and she arrived. We had a quick visit where she told us she had been elected again as mayor over 5 villages. We quickly unloaded the boxes of clothes. Olia, the mayor is very good at seeing that the needy people get the clothes, no fooling her.
We headed back to school and were told we should go for lunch first before we spoke to the children. We had a nice lunch of soup, burger and mashed potatoes.
Then we were ready for the children but they had to eat first!! We eventually spoke to them and had a good response.

We then had to rush to the other school at a town called Stari Licetts, on the other side of Ivano. We were about 25 mins late but no problem, we had to talk to the lady who teaches Religious Ethics and is probably a Christian. We met a class of about 30 grade 7 and 8 students and had a good time, even singing “ Jesus Loves me” and “My God is so big.”. It was good to see them singing and doing the actions. We have 2 choruses on nice charts.

We headed home and sorted boxes again for tomorrows visits.

Thursday opened with warm temperatures and dry weather and we headed to an orphanage/school in the town of Kosiv, lying in the foothills of the mountains. We were very happy to find new roads for most of the way, this really makes the trip more enjoyable. The school is one of the nicest and best run we visit. The children are happy and well behaved. We headed right into speaking to classes of about 20 students each class. There are over 170 students in this facility but several were sick. Again we sang and the children enjoyed the singing and messages. We were then invited to lunch in the principal Valentina's office. Without doubt the best lunch we have had in any school, all home cooked and baked in the school kitchen.
We then unloaded the boxes and and headed home. We had been told 6 boxes were to be delivered this evening, need to be there.

Another day when we could spread the word by mouth, with tracts, calendars and New testaments.

Thank you for your interest and prayers.

Malcolm Howard and Volodia.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Malcolm's Report # 6

Malcolm's Report #6
Sunday 8th Nov.
We met for the morning meetings and had nice fellowship around the table, with bread and wine.
I brought the message after the meeting and then Howard spoke to the children. After a nice cold lunch we all said our good byes, Edmund and Agnes as they were heading to Ireland for a wedding at some time and us back to Ivano Frankivsk.
We arrived in Ivano Frankivsk in mid after-noon Sunday. What a surprise and delight at the 99% total road repair on the road back. I don't know where they got money from but it was amazing.

We checked our things into the apartment. It was the first time we had been here in the newly acquired apartment and are very impressed with every bit of it, EXCEPT the 200 year old stairs to it, that have never been repaired I'm sure.

A good number of people out to meeting and help was given to preach again, with Howard. We will continue to have meetings on Tuesday and Sunday.
To bed late, after getting settled and everything hung up. Volodia is to be our interpreter and driver and guide.

I mentioned the Doctor Misha and Maria in Strii in earlier letters, well Maria had called to say she had found a house for sale, close to their present home. We decided that we would go with her to meet the owner and see the house. We arrived about 11:30 and had to wait for a while for the owner to arrive. We spent a lot of time looking at it and the garden and feel so far it will serve their need. We did not make a decision until we talk to others and have a week to decide whether to buy it. The kitchen will need some renovation, if we buy it.

We took Marie and Joseph her son for lunch, Marie said she had not eaten in a cafe for 20 years. We came straight home quite tired and planned our week before going to bed.

We planned some visits in town today so went to get food to take. People will empty their cupboards to put on a meal. No matter what you say, they must make a meal.
Our first visit was to Natalia, our young friend with MS. She is cared for at home by her mother. She has lost all use of he limbs and bodily functions, but you come away blessed by her smile and positive attitude. She was worrying that she has been losing too much weight so she is taking a multi- vitamin/protein drink that Eric Fowler and wife got for her, she really likes it. She cannot use a pillow now and cannot sit up alone, but she loves The Lord. Her mother served us a light lunch of cabbage rolls and chicken broth.

It was then off to visit a sister in the meeting here and her daughter. A nice apartment but very little income as the husband left for abroad and is now with another woman. This is evident everywhere, I'm afraid. Luba is the lady's name, not the Luba who is in the meeting. She has 2 daughters, the one was home, Nadia, a teaching student at university. She had never been with her mother to the meetings in Ivano but agreed to come with us tonight. We were thrilled and she paid good attention. There a good number there.
We delivered a van load to their different homes and headed home ourselves. We plan a busy day tomorrow so had an early night to bed.

Thanks so much to caring to read this and to pray us and the work.

Malcolm and Howard and Volodia.

Malcolm's Report #5

Malcolm report #5

Today was not so foggy but damp and dull, not nice at all.
Today was our day to go to the Baby Orphanage #1 in Lviv. We have visited this orphanage since first coming here with Flo. Edmund and Agnes keep up the visits now monthly. The place seems in better condition than when we visited years ago. We were well received and soon were ushered into a room where about 25-30 staff gathered. Howard gave word and I finished. The main doctor recognized me and came over to me. He has been their 18 years. We then went to feed the 2 to 3 year old's their snack of a piece of bread and butter with red caviar on it. They love it and lick the caviar off first. Red caviar is cheap and very healthy.

We grabbed a meal at McDonald's and then headed to the airport to see Eric, Marge, Mary and Bonnie of to Toronto. They were in a tizzy when we arrived. The airlines have lowered the weight of the checked bags, and they were all overweight. They managed to get them all down but then their carry-on's were too heavy, so the same process. We saw them off then, but just as we were leaving, Volodia gets a call that he is needed at customs upstairs. He is gone about 10 minutes and comes back through the line again with Eric. He then got away. The problem was a jar of honey he had got from a farm and it was not bought in a store or something. Anyway, Volodia convinced them to let him take it. We hope he doesn't lose it in Toronto customs!

Supper again at Agnes's and then to meeting. I spoke tonight and gave my testimony. Please pray for this assembly as too many men have jobs that keep them from week-night meetings. Some do not get out at all in the week.

Had a good day today, a late start as we didn't need to be at the village until after 1pm but a wonderful group of young kid all willing to say their verses and sing. I spoke and then we went to the man who organizes the meetings, the one who worked with the gypsies. They have six children but she puts an amazing meal on.

Home and quite tired, at about 6pm. 30 boxes arriving but not ours but boxes and boxes of pampers from Salem Oregon. We were too tired to go up to the Pizza or over to E /A's for a snack, so I spent the evening getting ready to speak after the b of b tomorrow. Trust all is well. Heading away with Volodia tomorrow so should be on line tomorrow.

God bless you all and please keep praying as we move back to Ivano Frankivsk.

Malcolm and Howard